Procurement Office

  1. Main activity of the Procurement Office is to perform all procurement activities of UHZ, based on the final procurement planning, which is drafted based on the requirements of UHZ offices, including:
    1.1. Development of procurement procedures according to the Law on Public Procurement and Public Procurement Regulations;
    1.2. Enhancement and capacity building of UHZ, as well as the ability of other offices to conduct quality procurement in accordance with relevant regulations;
    1.3. Periodic UHZ procurement management and regular internal and external reporting;
    1.4. Maintaining the procurement register by updating it with each new tender initiation.
  2. The Procurement Office shall be managed by the Director of the Procurement Office, who for its work shall report to the Secretary General whereas shall consult and coordinate the works with the Vice Rector for Budget, Finance and Infrastructure.
  3. Under the systematisation of jobs, the Procurement Office shall consist of the following positions:
    3.1. Director of the Procurement Office;
    3.2. Procurement Officer (2 officer);
  4. The number of employees in the Procurement Office is three (3).
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