Office for Protocol and Archives

  1. Duties and responsibilities of the Office for Protocol and Archives shall be the following:
    1.1. Manages the official documentation that is received by the UHZ, ensures the proper implementation of the provisions of the paper management system by centralizing the database process;
    1.2. Follows, harmonizes and registers cases by office, NA, and arranges documents electronically for all UHZ offices and ensures official access by authorized persons only, by tracking and monitoring deadlines;
    1.3. Makes sure to maintain the confidential nature of certain data and continuously monitors the Protocol Office’s database to ensure that any incoming and outgoing files are registered.
    1.4. Performs the work according to the Archive Unit’s policies and procedures, receives archiving documentation including prequalification, reporting, contracting, scanning and recording in the archive database, sorting and archiving in the storage;
    1.5. Receives the documentation produced by UHZ’s Academic Offices or Units, scans and records them in the archive database, sorts and archives in the storage and updates the documentation as required by the relevant units;
    1.6. Cooperates with the Data Protection Agency and the Civil Registration Agency.
  2. The Office for Protocol and Archive shall be managed by the Director of the Office for Protocol, who shall report to the Secretary General.
  3. Under the systematisation of jobs, the Office for Protocol and Archive shall consist of the following positions:
    3.1. Director of the Office for Protocol;
    3.2. Sending Officer;
    3.3. Registration Officer;
    3.4. Archive Officer;
    3.5. Administrative Officer of Archives at the academic unit.
  4. The number of employees in the Office for Protocol and Archive is five (5).
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