Legal Office

  1. Supports the UHZ in legal matters, its policies and regulatory issues;
  2. Provides necessary advices to the senior management, the SC and any other Office regarding applicable laws and UHZ activities.
  3. Drafts regulations and other official documents on legal issues directly related to the work of UHZ
  4. Prepares drafts for all legal proceedings and for other matters required by the senior management.
  5. Prepares and reviews the entire documentation for the UHZ Senate meetings and of the UHZ’s Steering Committee.
  6. Prepares all draft decisions for the UHZ’s Senate and Steering Committee.
  7. The Legal Office shall be managed by the Director, who shall report for its work to the Secretary-General.
  8. The Legal Office under the regulation for the systematization of jobs, shall consists of the following positions:
    8.1 Director of the Legal Office;
    8.2 Legal Officer (2 employees).
    The number of employees in the Legal Office is three (3).
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