Description of the Summer University
International Summer University “UNISUM” is organized by University “Haxhi Zeka” (www.unhz.eu) in Peja. The main aim of this event is to stimulate international collaboration with national, regional and international universities in order to create better opportunities in the field of science and teaching process. Through this event it will be offered several ECTS credited courses covering a wide range of multidisciplinary study fields of Bachelor or Master Level, such as: economics, tourism, agribusiness, law, and arts.

Aims of the Summer University
The main aims of the School are to:
1. Improve academic foundations and help develop new skills set for the future;
2. Expand horizons;
3. Help discover new opportunities and challenges;
4. Provide instruction and discussion on a wider range of analytical perspectives in specific field;
5. Build on the most recent developments and challenges in world;
6. Create opportunities for national, regional and international cooperation and collaboration.

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