IT’s Office

  1. The IT office shall be responsible for the technical management and maintenance of the UHZ’s IT network, the development of procedures for security measures for internet infrastructure, servers and their operation in accordance with the applicable policies of e-government, which include the following:
  2. Day-to-day operations of the help desk, continuous monitoring and maintenance of server room and essential infrastructure equipment;
  3. Gathering relevant facts on the needs and requirements of all organizational units including essential needs;
  4. Management of the Electronic Student Management System (SEMS);
  5. WEB Management;
  6. Prepares tenders and manages contracts for the supply of IT equipment, photocopying services and Internet and VPN network services;
  7. Management of other software packages and network management in the facility;
  8. Maintenance of requirements / submissions database
  9. The IT Office shall be managed by the Director of IT, who shall report to the Secretary General while consulting and coordinating work with the Vice-Rector for Budget, Finance and Infrastructure
  10. Under the systematisation of jobs, the IT Office shall consist of the following positions:
  11.  Director of IT Office;
  12.  Administrator of IT network;
  13.  Administrator of networks and Communication;
  14.  Administrator of the data base;
  15.  IT Officer.

The number of employees in the IT Unit is five (5).

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