Office for Quality Assurance and Quality Assessment

Duties of the Office for Quality Assurance and Assessment shall be the following:

  1. The Office is a supporting body of the CQMA for initiating and coordinating initiatives and for the continuous improvement of quality assurance.
  2. The Office shall organize a systematic monitoring of the approved quality indicators, in particular the following activities:
    2.1. Implements the Quality Assurance Activities Plan as approved by CQMA,
    2.2. Collects information about quality and assessments from all system stakeholders within the University;
    2.3. In cooperation with the CQAM and the Coordinators for Quality and Assessment, organizes the internal evaluation process according to the Quality Assurance Manual, through questionnaires and other instruments provided in the Manual,
    2.4. Distributes questionnaires, collects, processes and evaluates data from areas evaluated under section 2 of this Regulation;
    2.5. Provides support to the Ad Hoc Committees in the process of evaluating changes and additions to existing study programs as well as in periodic internal evaluation procedures;
    2.6. Provides administrative support in the internal evaluation procedures of the University’s quality assurance system;
    2.7. Provides support to academic units through Quality Assurance and Assessment Coordinators;
    2.8. Gathers, processes and analyses data necessary for the compilation of the annual work report;
    2.9. Coordinates the work to support the academic units for the process of Institutional Re-accreditation and Re-accreditation of study programs, based on the KAA Guidelines and Standards,
    2.10 Maintains and reviews the documentation on re-accreditation process, prepares relevant reports and analysis.
  3. The Office shall cooperate with all bodies responsible for quality assurance and improvement at the University for the fulfillment of the respective tasks.
  4. On the operational aspects, the Director of the Office for Quality Assurance and Assessment shall report to the Secretary General, while on professional matters related to work duties shall report and coordinate the work with the Vice Rector for International Cooperation and Quality Improvement.
  5. The Office for Quality Assurance and Assessment under the systematization of jobs shall consist of the following positions:
    4.1 Director of the Office for Quality Assurance and Assessment;
    4.2 Officer for Quality Assurance and Assessment (1 employee);
    4.3 Officer for Accreditation (1 employee);
  6. The number of employees in the Office for Quality Assurance and Assessment is three (3).
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