Office for Human Resources and Gender Equality

  1. This Office shall be responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of policies and procedures relating to the management and development of human resources, which shall base its work on the legislation into force, not including internal personnel policies. This Unit’s activities shall be related to the: planning, recruiting, training needs analysis and presentation of appropriate training activities, conflict resolution, staff counselling and contributing to the development of sustainable and effective administrative processes, including:
    2.1 Ensures that the UHZ staff recruitment and selection processes are conducted in accordance with the principles and legislation into force and oversees their implementation;
    2.2 Proposes and develops policies and procedures related to career development for civil servants and capacity building, and manages the performance assessment process and oversees their implementation;
    2.3 Proposes and develops policies and procedures regarding the assessment and analysis of training needs of civil servants;
    2.4.Ensures the implementation of the relevant Human Resources development model at UHZ, by harmonizing the structures, resources and responsibilities related to human resources development, by defining HR policies, principles and guidelines;
    2.5 Assists the UHZ Management in evaluating internal processes and procedures and recommends changes / improvements, in order to increase the work efficiency;
    2.6 Coordinates the implementation of the law and the Kosovo Gender Equality Program;
    2.7 Integrates Gender and budgeting in policy making and implementation;
    2.8 Cooperates with the Agency for Gender Equality and other relevant actors in the field of gender equality;
    2.9 Adopts, formalizes and documents the HR management policies at UHZ, as well as interprets and communicates them.
  2. Office for Human Resources and Gender Equability shall be managed by its Director, which shall report for its work to the Secretary General.
  3. Under the regulation for the systematisation of jobs, the Office for Human Resources and Gender Equality shall consist of the following positions:
    3.1. The Director for Human Resources and Gender Equality;
    3.2. Office for Human Resources and Gender Equality (2 employee);
    The number of employees in the Office for Human Resources and Gender Equality is three (3).
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