Office for Carrier Development

Duties and responsibilities of the Office for Carrier Development shall be the following:

  1. Initiates possible agreements between UHZ and various organizations – companies, with the
    aim of creating internships or employing UHZ students;
  2. Holds meetings with the management staff, academic staff, University administrative staff,
    employers, foreign visitors, etc. .;
  3. Coordinates various researches carried out by the OCD and develops plans for implementation
    of all OCD activities;
  4. Participates in conferences, seminars, trainings, round tables related to youth career
    development, etc.
  5. On the operational aspect, the Director of the Centre for Career Development shall report to
    the Secretary General, while on professional issues related to the job duties shall reports and
    coordinates the work with the Vice Rector for International Cooperation and Quality
  6. Office for Career Development under the systematization of jobs, shall consists of the following
    6.1 Director of the Office for Carrier Development;
    6.2 Officer for Carrier (2 employees).
    The number of employees in the Office for Carrier Development is three (3).
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