The Summer University “UNISUM 2022” at the university “Haxhi Zeka” is concluded

The Summer University “UNISUM 2022” at the university “Haxhi Zeka” is concluded

After having two weeks of lectures, sports and cultural activities, the “UNISUM 2022” summer university program, organized by the university “Haxhi Zeka” is concluded. The main goals for the Summer University, as well as the idea of its establishment, was a union of values, cultures and knowledge from international students and professors, giving a new dimensions and perspectives to the university’s approach to further internationalization, broaden knowledge and increase the values of the Kosovar society.
During these two weeks, participating students from Poland, Finland, Croatia, Albania and Kosovo had the opportunity to attend lectures by international and local professors, benefiting from these special experiences and taking with them beautiful memories from the city of Peja. The summer university “UNISUM 2022” was organized in six courses: Banking and Finance; Communication in Human Resources Management; Urban Tourism; Violence Against Women: Human rights, policies, and research techniques; Guitar and Saxophone.
In conclusion, by the end of the summer university the students were provided with diplomas for the respective courses, which will serve them in their educational and their professional careers. As a sign of gratitude, the rector of “Haxhi Zeka” university, prof.dr. Armand Krasniqi delivered to the participating professors appreciation certificates and the symbolic gift of the university “Haxhi Zeka”.
This year’s summer university was organized for the first time by the university “Haxhi Zeka” and was supported by: Municipality of Peja; Municipality of Istog; Municipality of Klina; Municipality of Decan; Kosovo Financing Agency – AFK; Hotel “Dukagini”; ELSA Group and Gogaj AG.

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