Rector’s speech on the occasion of 1st International Summer University UNISUM 2022

Rector’s speech on the occasion of 1st International Summer University UNISUM 2022

Dear students and dear professors,

On behalf of all students, academic and non-academic staff, in the capacity of the rector of UHZ, I have the pleasure to welcome you to the University “Haxhi Zeka” in Peja, in the most important academic event – the first International Summer University. I am happy that in this important academic event, organized for the first time in the history of the functionality of our institution, we have participation from different countries such as Poland, Croatia, Finland, Northern Macedonia, Albania and of course from Kosovo.

Students and all the staff now we have crystallized the vision, the goal and objectives to make Summer University one of the most precious pearls in the crown of our university. We also believe that in the span of a few days this event will be characterized by full academic commitment. We are deeply convinced that you, together with us, have entered the glorious history of the path of academic, artistic and scientific progress composed with elements of internationalization and in this way, without a doubt, you dear guest students and professors, will leave a mark on our campus, our academic community and our picturesque city. We are really grateful for that.

We very much hope that by organizing this summer university, with programs that have been prepared, we give the opportunity to the participating students but also to our friends from different countries, to receive and exchange knowledge and insights in certain fields, even completing the framework of your knowledge. For us, providing knowledge and the essence of existence are closely linked to the student body. Honestly said you, being with us here, are helping us build and develop our university – doing what is truly international, in terms of language, culture, teaching, science, art but also common Western European views.

You are here to study. Certainly – this is the main focus of an academic program. But I also hope that together you will have time to take advantage of all the different cultural, artistic and social programs that the Summer University has to offer and also that you will have time to enjoy each other’s company not only in class.

Successes and good work!

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