Responsibilities of the council

QMEC is an advisory body of the Senate and the Rector, which in cooperation with other support and professional bodies of the University plans, monitors, analyzes and administers the evaluation procedures of the teaching process, scientific research, artistic research and all evaluations of other fields covered by the university.

The tasks of the Quality Management Council are:

  1. Proposes to the Rector and the Senate a strategy with guidelines for quality assurance and evaluation, criteria, standards and procedures for its implementation and continuous improvement;
  2. Drafts the Quality Assurance Manual;
  3. Drafts and approves the plan of activities for quality assurance in accordance with the regulations in force and strategic documents of UHZ
  4. Presents to the Rector and the Senate a report on the implementation plan in terms of Quality Assurance;
  5. Gives suggestions to the Rector, the Senate, the Commissions of the academic units, for the improvement of the quality level;
  6. Encourages quality discussions and promotes quality culture within the university;
  7. Analyzes the data collected from the areas of Article 2 of this regulation;
  8. Drafts and proposes to the Senate the approval of the self- evaluation report for the New / Institutional Accreditation;
  9. Reviews and proposes to the Senate the approval of the self-evaluation reports for Re / Accreditation of Study Programs;
  10. In cooperation with senior management and deans select members of ad-hoc commissions to conduct assessments as needed.
  11. Drafts improvement reports based on data and estimates obtained from the Quality Assurance and Security Department.
  12. Drafts improvement reports based on the evaluations of the ad hoc Commissions, which make internal periodic evaluations of the current study programs, and submit them to the Council of the Academic Unit and the Senior Management.
  13. Analyzes and approves the periodic / annual reports and plans of the activity of the quality assurance system of the academic units of the University, which reports that it sends them to the Senior Management;
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