Services CDO

The main services of the Office for Career Development include:

  • Assisting students to plan, identify, and accomplish career goals and job research;
  • Providing current information on employment and internship opportunities;
  • Providing information on studies abroad, summer school, trainings, career fairs, etc ;
  • Providing current information on the state of the labor market;
  • Organizing and informing about events that enable students to create networks, interviews and announcements with employers;
  • Promoting and maintaining long-term and ongoing contacts and developing partnerships with academic and career centers to ensure quality exchanges between the career office, the academic community and employers inside and outside Kosovo.

For students of the University “Haxhi Zeka” in Peja, we offer training on how to prepare CV, cover letter, job interview tips, information on ways to access the labor market, training to develop the skills required by the labor market , etc. We inform students about various activities through the internet (e-mail, website and E-Practice).

Graduates of the University “Haxhi Zeka” in Peja, have the opportunity through the CDO to be informed about various employment opportunities, to participate in various meetings with employers, to more easily contact employers, to be informed about various study opportunities abroad, to be informed about conferences, seminars, seasonal employment, summer schools offered to them, etc.

 For employers who are interested in hiring students and graduates, we offer:

  • announcing vacancies, part-time jobs and internships for students;
  • promote work culture and professional values of your company;
  • liaison with students and graduates of the University “Haxhi Zeka” in Peja;
  • opportunities for easier recruitment of trained staff in our office;
  • participation in workshops and round tables on various topics, etc.

Our aimis to extend the cooperation network to establish contact with different employers from different fields.

Counseling sessions and trainings

CDO offers students and graduates of UHZ information and counseling on opportunities for internships, employment, training, courses, study visits, counseling on application in projects and grants, preparation of application file for scholarships, etc.

Counseling sessions on CV preparation, cover letter and preparation for job interview, etc. are offered every working day through verbal and electronic method:

–  Reserved consultation: (means booking the appointment via e-mail and lasts 40 min).

–  Momentary counseling: (means the student visits without notice and the session lasts 10 min).

CDO-UHZ trainings

Module 1
 Career Development The notion of “career”How is a career planned and how important is it?Choosing a profession
Module 2
 The right to work and employment The right to workLegal actsEmployment
Module 3
 Public competition and application for a job The content of the competitionCompleting the application
Module 4
How to create a CV? The purpose of the CVGeneral guidelines for writing a CVChronology of CV writingTask
Module 5
 Writing a cover letter The purpose of the cover letterGeneral guidelines  for writing a cover letterTask
Module 6
Written test and successful interview The purpose of the written test and the required skillsPreparing for a job interviewTask
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