The application deadline for academic staff for UNISUM is extended until April 2, 2023

The application deadline for academic staff for UNISUM is extended until April 2, 2023

OPEN CALL FOR TEACHING STAFF – Application extended 02nd of April 2023
Date/Location: 08 July – 21 July 2023, Peja
Deadline: 24.02.2023 – 02.04.2023

Description of the Summer University
2nd International Summer University UNISUM is organized by University Haxhi Zeka in Peja. The main aim of this event is to stimulate international collaboration with national, regional, and international universities in order to create better opportunities in the field of science and the teaching process. The University Haxhi Zeka will organize:
2nd edition of the International Summer University UNISUM, which will be held from 08 July – 21 July 2023.
Through this event, it will be offered several ECTS credited courses covering a wide range of multidisciplinary study fields of Bachelor or Master Level, such as economics, tourism, agribusiness, law, and arts.

Aims of the Summer University
The main aims of the School are to:
Improve academic foundations and help develop new skill sets for the future;
Expand horizons;
Help discover new opportunities and challenges;
Provide instruction and discussion on a wider range of analytical perspectives in a specific field;
Build on the most recent developments and challenges in the world;
Create opportunities for national, regional, and international cooperation and collaboration.

Networking with diaspora students through courses offered in UNISUM in Albanian/Bosnian language
Application procedures
UNISUM is open to all candidates who are:
Involved an accredited college or university;
involved in research and science;
ambitious, creative, and transparent in transferring knowledge;
have a chance of being accepted;
have intentions to develop future institutionalized cooperation with UHZ.
Note: Teaching should be done by two teachers: Local and International. Professors of each department (local or international) can suggest a course for UNISUM. Course suggestions with the name of a co-professor indicated will have the advantage.
For the courses specifically in the Faculty of Arts applications involving the accompanist in piano (third person) shall be accepted.

Application procedures
All candidates must complete the application form which can be found here. The application form should be returned to the International Relation Office ([email protected]) no later than 2nd of April 2023. We kindly ask you to fill out the application form with accuracy, leaving no box blank. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.


Step 1. Complete online Application form

Step 2. Attach required documents

Step 3. Apply

Step 4. Receive a letter of admission by e-mail

If you need assistance in completing the forms, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]
Admission criteria
Admissions decisions will be communicated via email on the 10th April 2023. Please have the following supporting documents ready to upload to the online application form documents as follows:
A scan of your passport;
A copy of your contract with the institution you work for;
An up-to-date copy of your CV;
A detailed curriculum of the proposed module (module template can be found here)
Note: this is the most important part of your application
Accommodation & Fees


International Relation Office, University “Haxhi Zeka”
E-mail: [email protected]

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