The re-accreditation process at UHZ begins

The process of re-accreditation of existing programs has started at UHZ, respectively two programs of the Faculty of Law and one of the Faculty of Agribusiness. The evaluation of the programs is done by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency and by international experts. The officials who were present from KAA are: Mrs. Leona Kovaçi and Mr. Arianit Krasniqi, while the communication with foreign experts was realized virtually, which were: Prof. Dr. Stephan Shute, Prof. Dr. Johannes Falterbaum, Dr.sc.agr. Reiner Doluschitz, Mrs. Jadranka Pelikan and Mrs. Katerina Klimoska.

According to the agenda, meetings were held separately in divided groups, such are: the management of the two respective faculties, the academic staff, the quality assurance representatives and administrative staff, the heads of the study program, the students, the graduates and external stakeholders. Existing programs in all other academic units are expected to be evaluated soon.

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