<strong>The Haxhi Zeka University Beneficiary of the USAID Grant – Cooperation with Private Sector for Enhancement of High Education</strong>

The Haxhi Zeka University Beneficiary of the USAID Grant – Cooperation with Private Sector for Enhancement of High Education

With the financing of 4 million dollars from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implementers of the grant State University of IOWA and Kosovo Education Center, the Haxhi Zeka University one of the beneficiaries represented by prof. dr. Armand Krasniqi, signed today the implementation agreement for this project

The signing of the agreement was a historic and very important moment for UHZ, towards the fulfillment of its strategic objectives. UHZ statistics show that this is the highest grant ever won in this institution. The project lasts 5 years and during these years’ work will be done to promote the professional opportunities and success of students. Beneficiaries of this grant, in addition to the Haxhi Zeka University, are also the University of Pristina and the University of Prizren.

The project for UHZ aims to improve cooperation between the faculty of agribusiness, industry and information technology companies, placing emphasis on joint research as well as the best possible preparation of the students of this institution for the labor market and to be leaders of the future. Its activities aim to align the study programs with the current and future needs of the market in Kosovo and beyond, and this will be achieved through increased cooperation with the agribusiness sector, applied research, direct engagement of industry, development of curriculum and improvement of student services. In addition, the project aims to increase cooperation between Kosovo and the state of Iowa.

The implementing partner of this project, the State University of Iowa, has pledged to support with its expertise the three public universities in Kosovo, bringing the best knowledge and experiences from this institution, and in this way the aim is to increase the potential for a generation of new students who will be equipped with the right skills for the labor market and good professors prepared for the challenges of teaching in the XXI century. On the other hand, UHZ pledged to fulfill all obligations towards the most successful realization of all activities foreseen in the project.

The Haxhi Zeka University expresses its gratitude to USAID, the State University of Iowa and the Kosovo Education Center for the work done, by being convinced that from this commitment will benefit the young people of this institution, the industry and the development of the state of Kosovo. Also, UHZ congratulates all the staff and students of the faculty of agribusiness, with full confidence that this project will open new paths towards the improvement and further development of this institution.

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