Fifth workshop of the group of students and professors of UHZ – this time closing in Poland – Opole university (NAWA project)

Fifth workshop of the group of students and professors of UHZ – this time closing in Poland – Opole university (NAWA project)

The European project “Competent student – ready for employment”, organized by the Polish Academic Institute NAWA and supported by European foundations for academic and scientific activities, has five European universities: “Haxhi Zeka” University, “Leuven” University in Belgium, “Tomas Bata” University in Zlin, Czech Republic, University of “Malta” and “Opole” University in Poland.

In each university, nine students have been selected, in a total of 45 students participating in the project. The participating UHZ students were selected through open competition, similar to students from four other universities, after application and interview by authorized NAWA project experts.

The NAWA project in all 5 participating Universities organized a one-week Seminar-Workshop on various topics related to the competencies of the graduate student:

  • The first workshop was held during September 2021 at “Haxhi Zeka” University.
  • The second workshop was held in October at the University of “Leuven” in Belgium.
  • The third workshop was held in February 2022 at “Thomas Bata” University in Zlin, Czech Republic
  • The fourth workshop was held during March 2022 in Malta, University of Malta.

During this week, from 24.04.2022 to 29.04.2022 the professors of UHZ, Prof.Dr. Edmond Beqiri, Prof.Dr. Ibish Mazreku and Prof.Asoc.Dr. Halit Shabani, together with 7 of the 9 students selected for this project: Durim Selmonaj, Florlinda Berisha, Ajshe Komoni, Djellza Loci, Aulonë Cenaj, Malsore Duraku and Fjolla Halitaj participated in the fifth workshop of the NAWA Project, organized in Poland, at the University of Opole. The main topic was English in logistics and business. UHZ students during the previous two months attended online lectures on English language in logistics and during the days of the workshops strengthened their knowledge by preparing for the final test having the opportunity to collaborate with other international students who participated together with them, in all parts and segments of the project. UHZ students, Mrs. Ajshe Komoni and Mr. Durim Selmonaj were among the final night selected from the 5 participating universities and they masterfully presented the impressions summarized in all 5 workshops in the final conclusion of the NAWA project.

During these days at Opole University, the vice-rector Prof.Dr. Edmond Beqiri officially signed the agreement for the continuation of the cooperation with Prof.Dr. Izabella Pisarek, Vice Rector of the Opole University of Poland, which paves the way for the continuation of the NAWA 2 Project and cooperation in European teacher and student mobility projects from the two signatory universities.

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