Career Centers at IAAP – Local and central level cooperation.

Career Centers at IAAP – Local and central level cooperation.

In the premises of Hotel Sirius in Prishtina was held the conference “Career Centers in IAAP – Cooperation at the Local and Central Level” organized by MEST, SEED III and NGO “Syri Vizion”. From the university “Haxhi Zeka” in this conference participated the rector prof.dr. Armand Krasniqi, the Coordinator for International Cooperation, prof.ass.dr. Alma Shehu Lokaj and the Director of the Career Center at UHZ, Mr. Abedin Selimaj.

Speakers at this conference were representatives of MEST, the Austrian Development Agency, representatives of the Collegium of Directors of Education from the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, representatives of the “Eye” program, representatives of SEED project and representatives of Career Centers from the municipalities of Kosovo.

In this conference was discussed the process of standardization of Career Centers in IAAP, the opportunities and support provided so far for CCs at national level, the importance of CCs for professional development as well as the challenges faced in the management of CCs.

Haxhi Zeka University is dedicated to strengthening the Career Center at UHZ as an important part of institutional development.

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