“Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja, gets the green light to offer PhD studies

 “Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja, in the course of the requests submitted to the KAA for re-accreditation and new programs, had also applied for the accreditation of the PHD Business Management program, due to the sufficient number of local and international staff, the inheritance of this study program and the number of students in this program at the two levels of Bachelor and Master studies. With the accreditation of this program, “Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja will become the second university at the country level that offers PhD studies, after PU. In the case of winning this program for the first time since its foundation, HZU will protect the epithet of the AL bearer under Article 10 of the 1st paragraph of the Law on Higher Education. “Haxhi Zeka” Univeristy in Peja, also expresses its gratitude for the meritorious consideration of its complaint for this program to the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.

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