The Rector of UHZ officially meets the director of the company “Gllareva”, Mr. Morina

The Rector of UHZ officially meets the director of the company “Gllareva”, Mr. Morina

Rector of UHZ Prof.Dr. Armand Krasniqi, accompanied by the director of the career office at UHZ, MA. Abedin Selimaj and his close associates, met the director of the company “Gllareva” L.L.C., Mr. Bujar Morina on which occasion they gave him a formal appreciation for the valuable continuous contribution that this company gives to the university and students in general.
The Rector expressed his deepest institutional thanks and gratitude to the director Morina, for the enormous multi-year contribution of this enterprise in relation to the advancement of the professional skills of UHZ students. The key topic of the meeting was also the discussion of the possibilities of the enterprise to support the academic processes in the future in the framework of the UHZ strategy for the profiling of the university.
Director Morina, assured the rector that the support of the company “Gllareva” will not only lack, but will be even stronger for the UHZ in general and for the new generations of students in particular. The enterprise’s numerous business activities, such as industry, commerce and trading, agrobusiness and hospitality, offer diverse alternatives for student profiling. Motivated not only by the interest of the enterprise but also by the social aspect, the director expressed his will and readiness for a close mutual cooperation that goes to the benefit of a better perspective of our young people. In this regard, UHZ and “Gllareva” agreed to concretize the cooperation through a memorandum that will be prepared and signed by the parties soon.

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