Rector officially visits Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA)

Rector officially visits Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA)

The Rector of UHZ, Prof.Dr. Armand Krasniqi with his associates meets with the leaders of the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA), in Pristina, on which occasion he was warmly received by the office coordinator Mr. Cihan Dincer. This inter-institutional meeting was the second in a row, after TIKA visited UHZ last December.

Rector Krasniqi, on behalf of him and the institution, initially expressed gratitude and appreciation for the contribution of the Turkish government given to the state of Kosovo and its people in its recent history. Mr. Dincer was superficially advised about the university streams, the academic processes and the challenges the university currently faces.

The Coordinator of TIKA, informed the Rector about its projects in Kosovo, which are related to the support for the modernization of the education system in the Republic of Kosovo, which is an area of interest for the University “Haxhi Zeka”. He confirmed the enthusiasm and willingness to support the emergency needs of the university, especially those of the Faculty of Arts, always in line with the budgetary possibilities of the organization. The new building of the Faculty of Arts is expected to be completed with works and finalized within this year.

The parties agreed that the mutual cooperation will be expanded in the future in the academic field, after identifying a counterpart partner in Turkey, which would provide mutual benefits for students in the first place, but also for academic staff. In the following, a memorandum of understanding will be prepared which will include the main points of institutional cooperation.

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