Rector Krasniqi visits GOGAJ company

Rector Krasniqi visits GOGAJ company

Rector of the University “Haxhi Zeka”, prof.dr. Armand Krasniqi and the Director of the Office for Career Development at UHZ, Mr. Abedin Selimaj visited the company GOGAJ in Peja. They were received by the owner of this company Mr. Isuf Cacaj and by the financial director, Mrs. Nora Boja.

During this meeting, the representatives of Gogaj company assured to support the University “Haxhi Zeka” in the development of practical work of students and their employment, in support of the Summer University, offering the contribution in designing new study programs and to be an integral part of the Industrial Board of Haxhi Zeka University. This meeting precedes the next meeting with the company Gogaj with which a cooperation agreement will be signed.

Haxhi Zeka” University remains committed to cooperation with industry in the Dukagjini region and beyond as a necessary part of the development of the institution.

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