What is “Alumni”?

At its core and content, the word “alumni” is derived from Latin and means “former student” or, in our context, “former student” of a particular university.


“Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja, for the first time on May 12, 2017 held the ALUMNI ceremony “Reunification of graduate students. On December 12, 2017, has began work on the functioning of the Alumni Network.

What is the Aluminum Network?

The Alumni Network is a network of graduate students of the University “Haxhi Zeka” and includes all graduate students, regardless of age, gender or level of achievement within the study.

The essence of the Alumni Network is to maintain a stable relationship between UHZ and graduates through the communication of the latest news, invitations to events and other activities organized by this Network over the years.

The Alumni Network is known for reuniting graduate students and meeting current students, sharing their experiences and accomplishments.

On 05.03.2018 was held the meeting of graduate students of the University “Haxhi Zeka”.

As part of the commitments of the University “Haxhi Zeka”, to help graduate students to strengthen the connection and cooperation with the university and students, and to serve as an opportunity to share their achievements and experiences, this meeting was held to make the Alumni Network functional.

The presented graduates have chosen the representatives in the Alumni Network. This group of graduates have continued their activity by choosing leadership and being active in many UHZ organizations.

Since 2017, the tradition of annual meetings with graduates organized by the Career Development Office has continued. Whereas, after the initiative of a group of graduates and with the support of ODA / UHZ, In March, was made the registration of the Alumni Network as an Association, according to the law in force for NGOs.

Missions/ Goals

The UHZ Alumni Network is the network that is committed to serve the University, alumni (graduates)), his students and friends. Its mission is to strengthen and develop UHZ through student recruitment assistance, engaging in activities to raise the reputation of the University at home and abroad, as well as promote sustainable links between alumni, students, university staff and University friends.

What are the benefits of Alumni Network?

As a member of the Alumni Network you have access to a wide network of professionals in various fields. The events organized by this Network are quite fruitful for keeping in touch with colleagues. Alumni Network also organizes career events where as alumni you are invited to illustrate the various career opportunities, the experiences and perspectives of UHZ students, so the Alumni Network serves as a bridge between students and UHZ collaborators that include businesses, public / private institutions and NGOs.

Who can be a member of the Alumni Network?

Alumni Network membership is offered to all UHZ graduates.

The function of the Alumni Network office?

The Alumni Network Office serves for the daily activities of the Network. This office basically functions as the main contact for all UHZ graduates. Anyone interested can contact this office for questions, problems and remarks.

Where is the Alumni Network office located?

The Alumni Network Office is located on the campus of the University “Haxhi Zeka” in Peja, in the building of the Faculty of Business, Building A.

How can I register?

After graduating from Haxhi Zeka University, you automatically become a UHZ alumni. You must complete the Membership Form, which can be found in the Alumni Network office, or register via the link on the University website


What does “Haxhi Zeka” University offer for graduates?

  • Every year UHZ organizes the meeting “Reunification of graduate students”;
  • UHZ, continuously cooperates with graduates to organize various activities of interest to graduates and current students;
  • UHZ in the program for practical work provides to offer graduates with the opportunity of paid internship in UHZ departments and this is done through public competition;
  • Graduates are part of all working groups in various commissions at UHZ;
  • Career Development Office continuously cooperates with graduates for various organizations and offers career counseling to those interested, notifies them of training and employment opportunities. Announcements are sent to you by e-mail and by posting on the CDO Facebook page. Based on the advisory activities it maintains with graduates, the CDO has established the database of those who are not employed and are looking for work;
  • UHZ/CDO has provided an office that serves graduates to develop their activity;
  • In order to maintain contacts and communication with graduates, Haxhi Zeka University in Peja, for the first time drafted the assessment questionnaire “Graduates-University which will help the University improve its study programs. Assessments by graduate students are valuable to assess student experience at UHZ and identify areas for improvement for future generations of students.  This questionnaire was realized through the online system.

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