Concert in Germany

A week of artistic concerts, which remains in memory of students and professors of the Faculty of Arts of Haxhi Zeka University in Peja, was held in Germany.

On June 24, 19 students and professors of the Faculty of Arts, Instrumental department near “Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja, arrived in Essen, Germany, to start a busy week with cultural activities.
The next day, on 25.06.19, students and professors held the first concert at the “Kirche Schmachtendorf” in the city of Oberhausen, in front of a wide audience, part of which in the majority was even the German public.The students were presented in chamber music formations and finally the orchestra performed under the guidance of Prof. Assoc. Astrit Pallaska.

The works were mainly of Albanian composers such as B. Shehu, A. Krasniqi, P. Iturralde, R. Osmani, L.V. Guevara, M. Mazzini, D. Abreu, M.D. Maso, D. Zymberi.

The works were all elaborated and composed in a perfect way. It is also worth mentioning that Motus work was composed by composer Drinor Zymberi specially for this concert.

The Orchestra of the Faculty of Arts under the guidance of Prof. Assoc. Astrit Pallaska during the summer semester had worked with dedication and with a very broad program for three concerts held in Germany.

This cooperation was initiated by Professor Arsim Kelmendi, who with invitation of Symphonisches Blasorchester Essen (SBE) under the leadership of conductor Desar Sulejmani, enabled the Faculty of Arts for a second time cooperation with German orchestras.

The held program was a voluminous program that requires technical responsibility and technical preparation from instrumentalists. Orchestra of the Faculty of Arts and Orchestra Symphonisches Blasorchester Essen joined a part of the professors of the Faculty of Arts as prof. Assoc. Fatbardh Gashi, Dardan Gjinolli, Meriton Ferizi and Arsim Kelmendi.

Students and professors, together with the spiritual symphony orchestra of Essen, succeeded in realizing the program that was extremely virtuoso in the technical and melodic aspect, and thanking the Conductor Astrit Pallaska that he had prepared the orchestra of the Faculty from Peja and Desar Sulejmani who had made the preparation of the orchestra from Essen, the formation from which was created and reached a number of about 100 instrumentalists, who appeared in two concerts, on June 29, 19 at St. Mariä Heimsuchung Essen -Überruhr and the second concert on 30.06.19 in ChorForum Essen. The works that were being played were: “March Op.99” Sergei Prokofieff, Arr. Paul Yoder, “March” Dmitri Shostakovic Arr. James Curnow, “Waltz No. 2 “Dmitri Shostakovic Arr. James Curnow, “Galop” Dmitry Shostkovic transcribed by Donald Hunsberger, “Concert for Trombone” Nikolai Rimski – Korsakov, Arr. Mikhail Protsenko, Suita from Ballet “Gayaneh” Aramm Khachaturian, Arr. José Schyns and the last work was “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Modeste Moussorgsky transcribed by Mark H. Hindsley.

On the faces of the students and professors, it was a brightness and a pleasure for the successful presentation before the German public. Students and professors congratulated that this concert be realized before the Albanian public as soon as possible.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof. Assoc. Hysen Nimani was extremely pleased with the realization of these concerts, given that such cooperation is needed for this institution. The Dean thanked the University “Haxhi Zeka” headed by the Rector Prof. Dr. Fadil Millaku, Municipality of Peja headed by the President Mr. Gazmend Muhaxheri and the Director of Culture, Engelbert Zefaj, for the help provided for the realization of this trip.

This project also brought other benefits, such as the accompaniment of students with orchestra members, as most of the students spent a week staying guests at orchestra members.It should be noted that the choir of this faculty has been invited for the next concert in Germany for September this year.







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