To travel is to live

Travel activities and events can be so much fun and offer the best way to enrich our lives. Travel is about experiencing something new. The travel blog is an extension of the site ‘To Travel Is To Live. Dee Serkin’s unique approach to travel—a culinary adventure—is “the art of being a good guest.” Her attention to detail and ability to see the good in every culture is amazing. This makes her a special voice for everyone who wants to travel.

Meet the Team

Meet the team As a result of her own travel experiences, she has found that food is one of the best ways to connect with other people, find out about new places, and discover what makes a particular region unique. Here you will find information about her favorite destinations and the reasons behind these choices. When she visits a new country or city, she records every detail: from must-do activities to restaurant recommendations and sightseeing suggestions, she writes it all down… so you can enjoy all the great information out there!

The blog posts are organized by category, which makes them more useful and interesting. These are must-read articles for first-timers who want to get the most out of their future trip. This site is inspired by her travels, which have taken her all over the world. It is a labor of love. You’ll find destination information, fun facts, personal experiences, and regional recipes. The goal is to encourage and inspire you to travel, full-time or otherwise. You’ll also discover the most exciting destinations she has experienced.

Here you’ll find information about her recent trips and fun facts about various destinations.
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