The UNISUM 2023 Summer University is successfully concluded

The UNISUM 2023 Summer University is successfully concluded

Summer University UNISUM 2023, organized at the Haxhi Zeka University in Peja, is successfully concluded. This was an extraordinary two-week period full of activities, lectures and cooperation between the participants. Local and international students and professors gathered at the UHZ campus. Their aim was to share knowledge, experiences and ideas in order to cooperate and expand the network.

UNISUM 2023 activities provided the perfect opportunity for students to express their creativity in activities, presentations and research work. The professors, inspired by the will and desire of the students to express their full potential, showed maximum readiness for lecture and engagement during these two weeks.

The interaction between students and professors was very valuable – a powerful example that collaboration leads to success! The participation of foreign students and professors broadened the horizons of knowledge and helped form a culture open and tolerant of change.

The Haxhi Zeka University is proud of the achievements and believes that the tradition of the summer university will continue with the organization of other editions in the coming years. UNISUM 2023 has opened the doors to many more successes! Also, UHZ thanks all the organizers and the team who worked tirelessly to make UNISUM 2023 an unforgettable event.

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