Lecture on Climate Changes

At the Faculty of Management in Tourism, Hospitality, and Environment at Haxhi Zeka University in Peja, a lecture was presented on the topic of “The natural and anthropogenic causes of climate change.”

The lecturer, Dr. Mateusz Plociennik, came from the University of Lodz in Poland. During the lecture, Dr. Plociennik summarized the findings of the latest paleoclimatological research and the most recent IPCC report.

The lecture on the natural and anthropogenic causes of climate change was a highly informative event that shed light on the complex phenomenon of global warming. Dr. Plociennik presented a compelling case for the significant role that both natural and human factors play in driving climate change. His presentation drew on the latest scientific research and reports, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of our planet’s climate.

He also invited students of the Haxhi Zeka University to visit the University of Łódź with CEEPUS internship and join his research team working on climate change.

The lecture provided students with valuable information on the topic at hand. Furthermore, they were given the opportunity to ask questions on issues of interest at the conclusion of the lecture.

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