Cooperation Agreement

Cooperation Agreement

On 26.01.2018, the University “Haxhi Zeka” was admitted to the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI).

ENAI’s objectives are to promote integrity throughout the academy, in particular to provide a platform for academics across the research sectors to exchange, develop, collaborate and create access to resources in the field of academic integrity.

Admission to this network is very important for the University, because each member institution as well as each individual member (supporter) can benefit from their membership by following:

  • Be a part of collaborative platform
  • Receive regular newsletter
  • Be informed of available grant opportunities
  • Have right to elect the Board and influence the network
  • Get discount on fees for events organized by ENAI (some events are for ENAI members only)
  • Use rating system developed by ENAI
  • Get prestige and useful marketing tool
  • Use ENAI’s consultants, experts, mentors and speakers
  • Participate on joint educational and training activities
  • Can organize ENAI conferences and events
  • Access to resources and online training.


ENAI is supported by the ERASMUS + project, the European Union program.
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