Cooperation Agreement

Cooperation Agreement

On the 07-th and 08-th of February 2018 a delegation from the “Haxhi Zeka University” in Peja with this structure:

1.Prof. Assoc. Dr. Ibish Mazreku- Vice-rector,

2. Prof. Dr. Halit Shabani- Dean,

3. Prof.Ass.Dr Nexhdet Shala- Dean,

4. Prof. Assoc. Ma Hysen Nimani- Dean,

In the framework of the cooperation we visited the University of Sarajevo, as we reached a cooperation agreement between Sarajevo Academy of Music – Prof.Dr. Tamara Karaca Beljak- Vice-Dean, and Faculty of Arts-Haxhi Zeka University – Prof. Asoc.Ma Hysen Nimani-Dean.

This cooperation is very important, where in the future these two institutions cooperate and will be sharing organization of concerts, exchange of students and staff and the examination of special programs of mutual interest for both sides.

This agreement will be developed in the framework of institutional cooperation and will facilitate further development.

The delegation of Haxhi Zeka University holds many meetings with the Rector of the University of Sarajevo, Prof.Dr. Rifat Shkrielj and Vice Rectors, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Agriculture and Music Academy.

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