To travel is to live,” said philosopher-poet, Khalil Gibran.

Dee Serkinnis is a travel blogger who writes about traveling and culinary adventures.

When she visits a new country or city, she records every detail: from must-do activities to restaurant recommendations and sightseeing suggestions, she writes it all down… so you can enjoy all the great information out there!

She also provides hotel, restaurant, and attraction reviews.

An American Expat living abroad, Dee Serkinnis is a passionate travel blogger. Over the last 20 years, she has had the privilege to travel to 51 countries on six continents with many more on the ole bucket list. 

To Travel-is toLive was born from those travel experiences and is brought to you with love and dedication!

Her travel stories highlight the amazing diversity within the culinary world, on both local and global scales. From fun recommendations to finding the best food and drink, she helps her followers discover the real culinary hotspots.

Her travel adventures started when she was younger and when her parents took her to Greece, her family’s native land. This was when her passion for cooking and travel met for the first time and she realized that she could combine them both into a unique travel experience for everyone who had the same interests.

Dee’s blog has been getting a lot of attention for her honest, unique, and in-depth travel experiences. She is one of the few blogs that is dedicated to people who want to travel the world – in style!

The social media communities where her travel experiences are shared are vast – from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter – so her stories have garnered an audience that spans the globe.

So her blog is less about whack-a-mole travel tips and more about getting lost in a new place and letting you in on all the amazing discoveries along the way.

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