The Ambassador of Italy De Riu has paid a visit to the University “Haxhi Zeka”

The Ambassador of Italy De Riu has paid a visit to the University “Haxhi Zeka”

The Ambassador of Italy Mr. Antonello De Riu visited our university today. He was received with special respect by the senior management of UHZ at senate hall. The Ambassador was accompanied by: Deputy Ambassador, Mr. Ugo Ferrero, Honorary Consul Mr. Naim Gacaferi, Head of the Economic Sector Mrs. Daniela De Giorgi and Italian language professor Mrs. Raffaela Rittuci.

Rector, Prof.Dr. Armand Krasniqi expressed his gratitude to the ambassador for his visit, and briefly informed them on the history of the institution, current university programs and on the academic ongoing processes. In addition, Rector Krasniqi as the leader of the university and as a citizen of Peja, expressed to the ambassador his appreciation and gratitude for the contribution of Italian KFOR given to the city of Peja in general and to the university in particular. In the following, the Vice-Rector, Prof.Dr. Edmond Beqiri informed the guests about the specifics of the academic units and about the needs for support they have.

Ambassador De Riu, acknowledged for the hospitality and expressed his readiness to support university needs, as well as to intensify cooperation regarding the implementation of projects between University “Haxhi Zeka” and Italian universities.

After the formal meeting, the guests were escorted to the concert hall of the Faculty of Arts, which prepared two musical items, specially selected for the Italian delegation. The student choir, under the direction of Dean Nimani performed the old Milanese choral song “Va pensiero” by composer Giuseppe Verdi. While, soprano prof. Adelina Paloja interpreted with delicacy and high artistic level the Napolitano song “Core ‘ngrato” with co-repeater Besart Shala. The Italian guests and attendees, both excited and delighted, rewarded the students and performers with long and warm applause.

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