Debate for Tolerance

Debate for Tolerance

Weekend Academy

Weekend Academy 2.0 is coming after a very succsesful Weekend Academy 1.0 with NEW discussions, NEW games and NEW perspectives. If you’re a student in Kosovo and you’re keen on exchanging different perspectives, learning new things and engaging in debates, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! If you want to #UpdateYourPerspective on different issues by developing critical thinking and public speaking skills, then this is for YOU.

Debate Weekend Academy 2.0 is going to be held in Prishtina with the aim to create connections between youngsters of different ethnicities and mindsets through healthy discussions and training sessions on critical thinking, communication skills and formal debate.

Well-known national and international trainers will help you throughout the academy through lectures, training sessions, games and a mini-debate tournament.

The academy will be held in ENGLISH.
The Academy will be held at the University of Pristina on March 7 and 8, 2020.
The application deadline is March 1, 2020; 11:59 PM – Sunday.
Transport and food costs are covered by the Debate Center.
If you have any further questions about the academy, please feel free to contact us at info@debatecenter.org.

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