Social Inclusion in the Higher Education System in Kosovo

Social Inclusion in the Higher Education System in Kosovo


“Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja in cooperation with professors from the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” organized a seminar with topic on “Social Inclusion in the Higher Education System in Kosovo”,which was held on 28.06.2019.

University Rector Prof. Dr. Fadil Millaku welcomed the participants and congratulated them for taking the initiative to organize a seminar on such a topic that is very important for the society as a whole and for education in particular. The participants were also greeted by Prof.Ass.Dr. Sabiha Shala Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs.

Prof. Ass. Dr. Sabiha Shala and Prof. Assoc. Dr. Besnik Krasniqi, both as experts of higher education reform in Kosovo (HEREs), held a presentation for social inclusion at the level of higher education.

Prof.Asoc.Dr.Besnik Krasniqi made a presentation about the current situation at the University of Prishtina with the topic Social Inclusion Strategy at Higher Education level. Among other things, it clarifies the articles of the UP statute, which foresees social inclusion and treatment of all students equally including those with disabilities.

The Vice-Rector Sabiha Shala initially clarified the categorization of persons with special needs and presented statistical data about these persons. While Mr.Dardan Lajqi provided some information about Kosovo’s legislation and policies on social inclusion. And finally, was held a discussion with students and other attendees. Present were also students with disabilities, who highly appreciated the HZU commitment to their treatment and improved study conditions for this category. It was concluded that accurate data on the number of people with special needs should be collected and be drafted a good strategy for social inclusion in the Kosovo higher education system as well as to take concrete steps to improve the conditions for students with disabilities.


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