Historical background of the Institution

The Public University “Haxhi Zeka”, which was founded as an independent University in 2012, is a continuation of the Faculty of Applied Business Sciences (FABS) in Peja.

FABS was founded in 1960 by the decision of the Executive Council of ASPK (Autonomous Socialist Province of Kosovo) as the “Economics – Commercial High School” in Peja which initially had only the section of Commercial Business in Enterprise and had a limited number of teachers and students in its beginnings. The activity and development of the “Economics High School” was oriented towards the development of full-time study programs responding to the socio-economic conditions and the needs of the economic development of the time. In this way, it enabled thousands of students from all Albanian areas to pursue their studies and advance in their careers.

The “Economics High School” experienced some very interesting and important existential periods of time. Like those of years:

  • 1960-1974, which was the period of shaping and creating the institutional identity;
  • 1975- 1990, which was the period of school affirmation in Kosovo and in all other places around Kosovo;
  • 1991-1999, which was the period of survival, by keeping continuity through the parallel organization of private home learning;
  • 2000 – 2006, which was the period of reorganization of the FABS, where:

The “Economics High School” was reformed according to the Bologna Declaration model and was renamed “Business School” where studies were conducted in three Departments: Business Administration, Applied Informatics in Business and Management in Tourism and Hospitality. In 2002, Bosnian language studies were organized in the Department of Business Administration.

Since 2004 the “Business School” has been renamed the “Faculty of Applied Business Sciences”. Since 2007 studies in FABS have been developed in three Departments: Department of Business Administration in both languages (Albanian and Bosnian); Department of Accounting and Finance of Business; and the Department of Management in Tourism and Hospitality. In March 2009 the FABS programs were accredited by the Accreditation Agency at Bachelor and Master Level.

University “Haxhi Zeka” in Peja was established in September 2011 by decision of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo (Decision No. 434 / 01B, date 14.11.2011).

University “Haxhi Zeka” today

University “Haxhi Zeka” in its composition has five faculties:

  • Faculty of Business;
  • Faculty of Management in Tourism, Hospitality and Environment;
  • Faculty of Law;
  • Faculty of Agribusiness and
  • Faculty of Arts

University “Haxhi Zeka” has cooperation relations with all state and international institutions operating in the Republic of Kosovo. It also has cooperation agreements with higher education institutions at the regional and international level and is also a partner in various projects under programs such as: Erasmus +, TEMPUS, etc.

University “Haxhi Zeka” aims to create a new profile in the field of academic activity and in expanding international cooperation through the medium and long term plan. There are currently 11,254 students studying at “Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja. Over 4,455 students have completed their studies from 2012 to 2019.

The high management, all academic and administrative staff of the University is committed to raising the quality, in order to make our students capable and competitive in the labor market.