Enhancing Research Culture in Higher Education in Kosovo –t

Title of the Project Enhancing Research Culture in Higher Education in Kosovo –t
Short Title & number ResearchCul Project
Period of implementation 2019-2022
International Partners University of Cote d’Azur, University of Lubljana, University of Sofia, University of Perugia, University of Tirana, UET, University of Korce, ect.
Beneficiary university Public Universities of Kosovo, UBT, IBCM College, MEST.
Aim of the Project The overall aim of the project is to support enhancement of research culture in Kosovo higher education institutions by supporting enhancement of existing policy and practices as well as establishing and installing new regulations and mechanisms in project beneficiary institutions in Kosovo.   This is expected to be fulfilled by achieving the following specific objectives:   SO#1: Assessing current state of research capacities in Kosovo higher education sector; It is initially needed to obtain a recent clear picture of current state of research situation in Kosovo, in terms of present researchers, number of publications internationally published in certain fields of research priorities, assess the existing university regulations on research and modalities for reviewing them, as well as other aspects (such as researchers challenges to conduct research activity and research work) that would provide a clearer situation that will guide developing and installing the project outputs in a more consistent manner.   SO#2: Increasing research stimulation and support by establishing university offices/centers and their strategic plans to support constant research activities among their institutions. Since the universities in Kosovo (except University of Prishtina) have not yet established research office and developed research strategic plans, this objective aims to support universities in tackling these gaps.    SO#3: Enhancing university strategy for publication of scientific research work through developing and approving internationally recognized standards for scientific journals, as well as establishing interinstitutional scientific journals in the key research priorities in Kosovo;